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About The Installation Method And Usage Scenarios of Lanbo LW155S Wine Cooler

Have you been lusting over a wine cooler but just can’t decide where you’d put it? As a representative of well-known wine cooler, Lanbo LW155S wine cooler with front ventilation can be fixed it build-in the cabinet of the kitchen or can be placed practically anywhere. There are certain things that might restrict where you place a freestanding wine refrigerator since back and side ventilation is required, but there are still plenty of fantastic ways to seamlessly integrate the cooler into your home.

Here are our top five most popular placements:

1. Kitchen

This is by far the most popular place for wine coolers. Whether entertaining a large group or cooking for two, it can be quite convenient to keep wine readily available in the kitchen. You can quickly and easily grab a bottle for simmering, pairing, enjoying, or all of the above.

2. Dry Bar or Wet Bar

If you enjoy entertaining or find yourself entertaining often, you’ve probably already devoted an area of your home to drink mixing. What better addition to this area than a wine cooler? Your selections will be perfectly chilled and ready to serve to guests with no hassle involved.

3. Cellar

Yes, cellars are the ideal place for storing your valued wine collection, but they do not necessarily provide the ideal serving temperature, even with a wine cellar cooling system. This is why having a wine cooler in your cellar is great for keeping select bottles ready to drink at a moment’s notice.

4. Tasting Room

Many vintners and collectors have an area in their home or winery dedicated solely to wine tasting. For obvious reasons, these rooms are a popular location for wine coolers. When tasting, you want conditions to be perfect. You want to receive the full experience the wine has to offer. Having a large wine refrigerator at your disposal offers plenty of storage space for your ready-to-taste wines.

5. Dining Room

If you’re frequently the host(ess) of large dinner parties, then you know what a hassle it can be to retrieve more wine when a bottle runs out. Having a wine cooler in your dining room prevents this hassle and allows you to entertain with ease. So it's also an ideal option.

Wherever you decide to place it, a wine cooler is a fantastic way to ease entertaining while also showcasing your collection and storing it in optimal conditions.