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About The Installation Method And Usage Scenarios of Lanbo LW162DD Wine Cooler

What is the best place to place a wine refrigerator? The best place to store a wine refrigerator is located safe from disturbance, cool, and dark in your house. 

Here are the best 5 places to put a Lanbo LW162DD Wine Cooler:


The kitchen is the obvious choice for a variety of reasons. It can make for easy grabbing of wine for cooking or drinking and it is a focal point of the house. Wine should be stored in darkness but the tinted glass of most wine coolers will allow you to place your wine fridge in the most well-lit and heavily trafficked room in the house. The kitchen is the most popular place people install their wine fridges.

2. Dry or Wet Bar

Many homeowners are installing dry or wet bars to specific parts of their homes now for the sole purpose of mixing drinks for company, friends, or themselves. It takes a lot of the clutter and commotion away from the kitchen and directs it to a more welcoming and casual part of the house for lounging and drinking. A good wine refrigerator will make the perfect companion to your bar.

3. Dining Room

The dining room is a natural location for a wine refrigerator if you do a lot of hosting dinner guests. Instead of planning out how many bottles you’ll need from the cellar or kitchen, as you run out, you can simply just grab another bottle or two from the dining room refrigerator. This makes for a convenient dining experience with the company and you won’t need to carry back multiple bottles from across the house each time.

4. Cellar

Cellars are unbeatable for long-term storage of wine with virtually unlimited space for bottles. You can fit a lot more bottles of wine in a cellar room than you can in even the most expensive wine refrigerators. The dark, calm, and cool conditions of a cellar make it ideal for storing wine especially once you get control of your humidity. But cellars cannot get wine to serving temperatures on their own. This is why having a companion wine cooler in your cellar is the perfect combination. 

5. Basement

Basements, just like cellars can be a great place to store wine long-term. They are typically the coolest parts of the house and can remain quite dark. Placing your wine refrigerator in your finished or unfinished basement can be a great way to clear up needed space in the kitchen and move the wine to a safer, more accommodating location.