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The Optional Advantages of LW155S

The way you store wine can affect the taste and texture of the wine. If you want to keep the original mellow taste of the wine, then you should pay attention to the storage environment of the wine. Factors such as temperature, humidity, environmental vibrations, how the wine is placed, UV rays, etc. can all affect the quality and taste of wine. The single temperature zone LW155S is a product specially designed for wine storage. It has the functions of constant temperature and humidity, avoiding light and shock, and it can evenly evacuate the cold air to all parts of the wine cabinet by upgrading the operation of the compressor and the built-in circulating fan. It is designed with large-capacity storage. If you are a person who likes to store wine and taste various types of wine, the LW155S can store 143 bottles of standard 750ml Bordeaux to meet your storage needs.

It also adopts a double-layer tempered glass door design to block UV rays, allowing drinks to be better stored at the temperature you want without UV interference, and the tempered glass door stabilizes the internal temperature and prevents the glass from fogging.

Illuminated by soft white LED lighting, it has a timer function that does not conduct heat to affect the built-in wine, and allows you to choose your favorite drink at a glance.

The front air vent design is adopted to provide heat dissipation and ventilation for the built-in wine cabinet.

Equipped with intelligent digital control display, easy operation, easy to use to adjust the temperature, you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

Equipped with a safety lock function, it can protect your wine cabinet and your children, and prevent children from playing with your wine cabinet and accidentally opening the wine cabinet, resulting in unexpected accidents.

It also has the characteristics of low noise and low vibration, and it will not disturb the rest of you and your family on quiet nights. At the same time, it also provides a good storage environment for the wine, protects the stability of the sediment, and allows the wine to breathe evenly.

Hurry up with this Lanbo LW155S wine cooler designed for storing wine!