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Extend The Life Of Your LW155S Wine Cooler

Whether you've just unpacked your brand new Lanbo LW155S wine cooler or you've had one for years, it's important to ensure you do all that you can to keep it running smoothly. Although wine refrigerators are very low maintenance appliances, there are a few things you can do to help boost the efficiency and longevity of your unit.

1. The location of the wine cooler

Want a longer lifespan for your wine cooler. The placement of the wine cabinet is a very important factor. Avoid placing your wine cooler in direct sunlight or near windows. Wine is very sensitive to light and heat, so reducing the level of sunlight the wine is exposed to will further help prevent any potential damage. On the other hand, keep the wine cooler away from vibration. Excessive shaking can destroy the wine's sediment.

2. Clean your cabinets

If you want to make sure your wine cooler is well maintained, cleaning it every six months or so can extend the life of your wine cooler even longer. Frost and standing water are inevitable. To do this, disconnect the power supply from the device. Remove all bottles and racks from inside. Stand still for hours. If you do it every 6 months or so, you'll have a clean wine fridge.

3. Keep it clean

The sealing strip around the door must be cleaned regularly to prevent discoloration and prolong its service life. Use clean water and clean all dents inside the seal. Make sure it continues to provide a tight seal after cleaning. It is also important to have proper treatment of the exterior of your wine cooler. Dust any external components to prevent wiring damage.

Any wine cooler needs maintenance, and as with all products, the care you take will ensure a longer life and reduce any unnecessary problems.