Model: LBZM8005BK

Lanbo Ergonomic Office Chair - LBZM8005BK

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Large and Comfortable Seat: The major material of the seat is high-density sponge and covered with beathable mesh. It is easy to clean and can be used for a long run. The sponge with enough flexibility refreshes as original status soon. 

Adjustable Lumbar Support: Designing for meeting different people' needs, the ergonomic office chair is a great companion while you working hard. You can adjust the chair's height and the position of the lumbar support to reach the most friendly sitting position.

Ideal for Working and Resting: It is the most comfortable thing to have a rest after a period of time hard working with this reclining chair. The adjustable range is from 90°to 117°. The supporting system of the chair is pneumatic lift, which can lift the chair up or down easily and hold it stablely.

C-Curved Headrest: To provide better supporting for you, the headrest of Lanbo office chair is created in c-curved and it can be adjusted the angle to give you the most comfortable rest. The package inside the box are the product parts, tool for installation and instuctions.

Warranty and Customer Service: Lanbo provides 1 year warranty for all parts. If you have any questions or need help with this office chair before or after puchasing, please feel free to contact us directly and we will try our best to solve it for you.

If you want to sit upright and comfortably for a few hours, high back support is necessary and important. Lanbo ergonomic desk chair with an adjustable backrest, which can be moved up or down. The highest adjustable height is 3.5 inches. Smoothly rolling wheels help you move quickly and quietly. The adjustable height of this chair is 3.1 inches and the weight capacity is 353 lbs.

  • Flexible Armrests: Come with 2 flexible armrests and they are easily adjusted up or down after pressing the button on the armrests. The highest adjustment height is 3.7 inches. All four corners are rounded to protect you from accidents.

  • 360°Swivel Wheels: All the 5 wheels can be rotated and followed easily. Made from quality materials and improved by never satisfying technology, the wheels move silently and smoothly. The weight capacity of this desk chair is 353 lbs.

  • High Back Desk Chair: The height of the back is 31.5 inches and designed in C-curved, which meets people's back and lumbar better. The support material is quality polypropylene and it is light but can provide enough support and is harmless to the human body.

  • Easy Installation: The package inside the box are the product parts, tools for installation, and instructions. With an installation video, the chair can be assembled in 20 mins. If you need help with the installation, please feel free to contact us.

Product Specification




headrest and back: HY8104, seat K10-1



Back shell


Seat shell



7cm molded foam

Back support







Chrome D85-40





Chair Size

24.21*23.43-30.91*44.09-47.44(50.39) Inches

Packing Size

27.67*25.6*11.02 Inches

Product Weight

45.42 Lbs


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Lanbo Ergonomic Office Chair - LBZM8005BK