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What Are The Features of Lw177S That Attract People To Buy?

If you usually have the habit of storing red wine, it is essential to choose a suitable wine cabinet. The storage conditions of red wine are places with constant temperature and humidity, avoiding light and low vibration. The composition of wine will be affected by changes in temperature and humidity, so it is very important to maintain the stability of temperature and humidity. Likewise, frequent vibrations can interfere with the stabilization of the wine's sediment, thereby affecting the wine's taste. Lanbo has launched the large-capacity LW177S wine cooler, which has the functions of constant temperature and humidity, light and shock absorption, and perfectly meets the storage conditions required for wine.

171 bottles of large capacity storage: It provides space for 171 bottles of standard 750ml Bordeaux wine.

Adopt double-layer tempered glass door: LW177S adopts double-layer glass door design, which has the function of UV protection, and the double-pane door is reversible, which can be easily placed anywhere in the home.

Low Noise and Low Vibration: The LW177S uses innovative technology to minimize noise while ensuring precise performance, energy efficiency and quiet operation.

Keep the interior fresh at all times: It is equipped with a carbon filter that maintains proper humidity and ensures that fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet.

High-quality beech wood shelves: This LW177S uses high-quality beech wood as built-in shelves, with 15 removable beech wood shelves, the solid wood shelves can be easily and freely removed.

Fast and Efficient Cooling: The LW177S utilizes a large capacity compressor and fan cooling to ensure that your entire wine collection is evenly circulated and cooled.

SMART DIGITAL DISPLAY CONTROL: The LW177S wine cooler has an adjustable temperature range that can be set from 41°F to 64°F, providing ideal storage conditions for red and white wines.

Lanbo LW177S wine cabinet is a wine cabinet designed to integrate the storage conditions required for red wine. It solves your worries about choosing a wine cabinet and is your first choice.