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Why Choose LW162DD Wine Cooler

Anyone who loves wine knows that the conditions for storing red wine are constant temperature and humidity, avoiding light and shock absorption. Many people think that storing wine in the refrigerator is also a way to protect it, but the refrigerator does not have the function of constant temperature and humidity shock absorption. On the contrary, long-term storage in the refrigerator is more likely to have adverse effects on the wine and lose the original taste of the wine. Therefore, you need a LanboLW162DD wine cooler to store and protect your wine, and it has the functions of constant temperature, humidity, light and shock absorption.

It is equipped with dual temperature zones and double doors: the LW162DD has two independent temperature zones and two tempered glass doors for you to easily arrange the storage of various types of wine.

With front ventilation design: LW162DD, with front ventilation design, this design satisfies the family with limited family space and wants to be embedded, it is very helpful to save family space and create an integrated modern home feeling.

Designed temperature range: It is divided into two independent temperature zones, the upper and lower temperature zones range between 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can store your favorite wine arbitrarily.

Controlled with smart touchpad: It operates with a smart control display, which makes it easy to adjust to your desired storage temperature.

Anti-vibration compressor configuration: LW162DD uses the anti-vibration compressor of frequency conversion technology to start the work, the compressor that works intermittently, makes the life of the wine cabinet longer and takes care of your wine.

Double-layer glass door design: Wine lovers know that the storage environment of wine is to avoid sunlight. LW162DD is specially made of double-layer tempered glass door material, which can effectively isolate the interference of ultraviolet rays and allow your wine to be stored for a longer time.

Large Capacity: The LW162DD's spacious interior can hold up to 152 bottles of your favorite wine spread across 13 shelves.

Thermostatic function: The LW162DD is equipped with a built-in heater or PTC that raises the internal temperature, so that the temperature can be kept stable no matter how the ambient temperature changes.

The large-capacity LW162DD, which integrates the storage conditions required for wine, is your best choice.