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Why Is It More Recommended To Choose LW155S Compressor Air-Cooled Wine Cooler?

How to choose a wine cabinet with excellent performance and suitable for you? According to the cooling method, wine coolers can be divided into two categories: semiconductor electronic wine coolers and compressor wine coolers. Compressor wine cabinets can be subdivided into compressor direct-cooled wine cabinets and compressor air-cooled wine cabinets. So, when it comes to cooling and energy efficiency, which one should you choose?

In terms of refrigeration, semiconductor electronic wine coolers absorb electric heat for cooling by connecting direct current to semiconductor refrigerators. Due to the use of electronic chip refrigeration system, no compressor is required to operate, basically no vibration and no noise. However, since thermoelectric refrigeration is not as powerful as compressor refrigeration, the refrigeration efficiency is also lower. The refrigeration system of the LW155S compressor air-cooled wine cooler consists of four basic parts, namely the compressor, the condenser, the throttling part, and the evaporator. The compressor has the advantages of fast cooling, stable performance, and more complete built-in systems! In addition, the electronic semiconductor wine cooler can only achieve a temperature control range of 10-18°C; while the LW155S compressor wine cooler can achieve a temperature control range of 5--18°C, and the LW155S compressor wine cooler is little affected by the external ambient temperature. The electronic semiconductor wine cooler has higher requirements on the ambient temperature difference. And in terms of humidity control, the humidity control of the compressor wine cabinet is better than that of the semiconductor wine cabinet, which is more conducive to the storage of wine. The LW155S is also equipped with an air cooling system. The built-in circulation fan promotes the circulation of cool air. To achieve the characteristics of uniform and stable temperature in the box, maintain a constant temperature.

In general, if you need to store wine for a long time and store many kinds of wine, and you want to choose a wine cabinet with high refrigeration efficiency, high performance stability and long service life, it is more recommended to choose LW155S compressor air-cooled wine cabinet. More practical, wider range of controllable temperature, more accurate temperature control, minimal environmental impact! It will definitely bring you a different experience.