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Why Is It More Recommended To Choose LW162DD Compressor Air-Cooled Wine Cooler?

Good wine needs a good wine cabinet to be preserved.

Refrigeration advantages of LW162DD compressor air-cooled wine cooler: LW162DD compressor wine cooler can achieve between 5-18 degrees Celsius in temperature control, and the compressor wine cooler is little affected by the external ambient temperature, while the electronic semiconductor wine cooler is now only It can achieve a temperature control range of 10-18 degrees Celsius. Like the refrigerator, the compressor wine cooler uses a compressor for refrigeration. The refrigeration system consists of four basic parts, namely the compressor, the condenser, the throttling part, and the evaporator. Therefore, the LW162DD compressor wine cooler has fast cooling and good effect. , stable performance, long life and other advantages!

The advantages of semiconductor beverage coolers are energy saving and noise-free vibration: Since semiconductor electronic wine coolers have fewer moving parts, they consume less energy during operation. In addition, it makes little noise during operation because the internal parts rarely rotate, which is very beneficial for those wine lovers who are looking for a quiet environment. There is also the advantage of being vibration-free, as wine needs to be damped during storage to prevent over-oxidation, which is especially important for fine wines that can be aged for many years.

Generally speaking, if you need to store wine for a long time or there are many kinds of wine, the choice of LW162DD compressor wine cabinet is your best choice; if you only want to store temporarily, the wine that will be drunk soon does not need to be stored for a long time , the selection of electronic semiconductor wine cabinet is also a good choice.

But in general, LW162DD compressor wine cabinet is more suitable for storing all kinds of wine, more practical, wider range of controllable temperature, more accurate temperature control, and minimal environmental impact! More worthy of your choice!