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An elegant way to enjoy wine with friends and family

Compressor Fan Cooling System

High efficient and quiet running compressor provide vibration free cooling. Fan-forced internal circulation prevents hot spots due to uneven heat distribution, ensuring that each bottle is kept at the perfect temperature.

Various Temperature Zones

There are single, dual and triple temperature zones wine cooler options meet all storage needs.

Digital Touch Screen

Setting the proper temperature for storing your wine is easy with the digital temperature controls, which lets you select the appropriate settings for the type of wine being stored.

Durable Beech Wood Shelves

Your bottles are securely stored on study wine shelves that slide out for easy access, and each shelf is made of natural beech wood.


Versatile front-venting design allows wine cooler can be built into kitchen cabinetry or placed as freestanding.

Built-in Carbon Filter

Featured carbon filtration to prevent unwanted odors and debris from entering the interior and affecting your wine.

Double-Paned Tempered Glass Door

Double-paned tempered glass window offers protection from harmful UV rays while still providing a full view of your collection.

Find the one just right for you

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